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Someone did something nice for you – out of the blue.  You didn’t know it was coming.  You couldn’t have expected it or done something to “earn” it.  It was a random act of kindness.  Random – and yet planned.  Random – and yet, meaningful to you, or you wouldn’t be here.
We would love to hear how has touched your life...either as a recipient or as a giver. Click HERE to access the comment log and share your experience.
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We have all been given a gift. If you study Jesus’ words, you will find that He did something outrageous for you – he "paid a debt" for you in a way that is even more shocking than what you recently experienced.  It really is the greatest story ever told.  It just might change your life.
We all need God’s love. Have you experienced God’s love? If so – maybe you are ready to randomly share that love with someone just like someone shared it with you.  If so, click HERE.
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